Exhibition 2018

"Twenty-Two Moods" 


October 17, 2018-January 20, 2019

Atkinson's Kram Gallery 

302 Garratt Lane SW18 4EH London 

"And that's what I think when I think about you" 2018 (60cm x 60cm; acrylic on canvas)

Above Left: "January 1.1" 2017 

Above Right: "January 1.2" 2017

(26cm x 20cm; acrylic on canvas)

With thanks to Ken Cox and Mr & Mrs Atkinson



Details on top left painting can be found in 'Exhibition 2017'



"Untitled  3.4" 2015

(63cm x 61cm; acrylic on canvas) 

"Untitled 2.7" 2016

(91cm x 65cm; acrylic on canvas)

"In Return" 2017

(40cm x 50cm; acrylic on canvas) 

"Untitled 0.9" 2015

(46cm x 56cm; mixed materials) 

Details on top left & far top right paintings can be found in 'Previous Exhibitions'


"Heathwave" 2018 / "Running Through The Trees" 2018 / "Dark Road" 2017

(all 30cm x 40cm acrylic on canvas) 

"Waiting" 2018    (72cm x 50cm; acrylic on canvas) 


"Summer Has Moved On" 2018 (100cm x 75cm; acrylic on canvas)

"Unforeseen Outcome" 2017 

(100cm x 60cm; acrylic on canvas) 


"Ridiculous Thoughts" 2017    (60cm x 46cm; acrylic on canvas) 


"Sunday Void" 2017    (40cm x 30cm; acrylic on canvas) 

"Substitute" 2018  (60cm x 40cm; acrylic on canvas) 

"Circle" 2017    (40cm x 30cm; acrylic on canvas) 


"Untitled Green" 2017    (40cm x 30cm; acrylic on canvas) 

"Threesome" 2018    (three canvases, each 100cm x 100cm; acrylic on canvas)